by Kelly Pyper I suppose as a Pisces, I’ve always naturally been drawn to the water. And so I have often pondered and pontificated about the ebb and the flow of the tide and how it relates to my life. But most recently it occurred to me that this same ebb and flow may also be felt in my work life. I’m not talking about cash flow here. Or even projects starting and ending. But rather people - and our relationships - and how they come into our agency and how they may leave.   Six years ago as the ebb was pulling me away from PP+K, the sun and moon eloquently aligned so that I quickly reached the shore and found myself launching a new venture with a new partner. Tracy Young and I prepared for the flow of business to come our way. In flowed new clients as well as former clients. But like the ocean will also ebb, so have some clients. In a business where budgets get cut and creative work is subjective, it becomes most challenging to anticipate the changes. Some clients stay with us, some have left, some continue to ebb from and flow back to us.
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